Life Chain Set For October 1


In the 2000 Federal election Jean Chretien claimed abortion was a “settled issue” for Canadians. This Sunday October 1st, hundreds of people in Sault Ste. Marie will line the streets of the city and declare, once again, that Chretien was wrong then, and is wrong still.

Life Chain is a prayerful and peaceful witness to the sanctity of human life and the harm of abortion. Every year, Life Chain participants hold signs with messages such as “Life: the first inalienable right” and “Abortion kills children” at hundreds of locations across North America for one hour on the first Sunday of October. It is a simple but powerful reminder of our duty to defend the weakest members of our society.

As recently as this summer, June 9, 2017, our “settled” society tossed a provincial law that banned access to abortion statistics. The decision by Justice Marc Labrosse of the Ontario Supreme Court undid a 2012 law brought in by then-Premier Dalton McGuinty to exclude “records relating to the provision of abortion services” by amending Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

The Ontario government argued, unsuccessfully, that disclosing hospital records on abortion “could pose risks to the safety and security of their patients, healthcare providers and other staff. Evidently, the Ontario government does not consider the issue of abortion “settled”.

The court challenge was brought by the Association of Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada and pro-life activist Patricia Maloney. In October 2012, Maloney reported that Statistics Canada data between 2000 and 2009 revealed 491 abortions of 20 weeks gestation or more resulted in a live birth.

“This means that the aborted child died after it was born,” she wrote then.
Those findings also sparked renewed calls from Campaign Life Coalition for “born alive protection” legislation.

“These numbers testify to the gruesome reality of children who are potentially being born alive and left to die or killed,” Jack Fonseca, Campaign Life’s senior political strategist, said.

This is information that the Ontario government sought to stifle.
This is what Canadians are not aware of.
This is why the LIFE CHAIN is still needed.


  1. As for the Ontario Sex-Ed and proper sex education, I just received an email on Benjamin Levin being paroled. Remember him? He was granted parole on January 10, 2017, after serving barely two years of his sentence and the public was never informed.
    Let me quote this article: “Benjamin Levin was sentenced in May 2015 to three years in prison after pleading guilty for possession of child pornography, for making child pornography, and for counselling to commit sexual crimes. …The sex-ed in our children and grandchildren’s schools was developed by a convicted child pornographer.”

  2. There are those who support abortion because they want to believe it, either due to having had an abortion or having been involved with an abortion and redefine it as ‘rights’. The idea that an unborn baby is a ‘blob’ is the concept they want to justify as the truth. It is simply denial of the facts.
    Most women do not know everything that is involved in abortions or the long term affects. Sadly, they learn the truth after.
    Access to statistics is imperative. Canada is truly attempting to keep people in the dark. The less people know, the greater control and power government has over them.
    People like ‘protecting rights’ are sadly in the dark. Let’s hope someday, like many of those who worked in the abortion industry and have now become pro-life, he realizes the propaganda fed to us for the past 40+ years was wrong and damaging. Let’s hope he, like the pro-life organizations such as Campaign Life, strives to help women and babies to be healthy, loved and alive.

  3. My comparison was to illustrate that publishing propaganda from any fringe ideology on a news site is equally inappropriate. With such a poor grasp of the point being made (sarcasm and all) I see why you’re drinking the kool-aid as a member of the Campaign Life Coalition. Being against proper sex-education / birth control methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy WHILE ALSO BEING against the abortions that inevitably take place as a result of that backward and short-sighted thinking? Man, that’s some world-class logic.

  4. Interesting comparison. The two groups you mentioned kill people. People and organizations against Abortion seek to end the killing of humans in the womb and also through euthansia. With such a poor grasp of the reality that is abortion I see why you are too cowardly to put your real name to your silly comments.

  5. How is posting the manifestos of groups like this considered worthwhile? Is it news? I sure hope your site advertises the next KKK bake sale or ISIS half-marathon too.

    • Extremely sad to read PR`s egregious pro-death sentiments promoting abortion and the disastrous “shaping” sex programme of Wynne and Ben Levin. Lifechain gives normal folks a chance to stand up for life, love and truth.

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