More records broken but heat wave comes to an end Wednesday


Those who like the blazing hot conditions of Summer are sure getting their wishes filled during the first week of Autumn, but alas, the hot summer weather is coming to an end.

Sault Ste. Marie broke temperature records for the last three consecutive days, Friday the Sault reached 30c, on Saturday 31.5C then on Sunday another record breaking temperature of 31.4 and today the Sault should reach 30c and that would make it four days of record breaking heat. The highest temperature recorded on this date was just 23. 8 c in 2007.

From the Sault Airport For Sunday, Sept. 24

Sault Ste Marie Airport
New record of 31.4
Old record of 26.8 set in 2007
Records began 1945

Temperatures will continue to be warm through to Wednesday as a cold front slides in and cools temperatures by at least half of what we’re currently seeing.

Seasonal weather is expected for the rest of the week, though days of 20c are still in the cards for the end of the month.