Ontario set to outline pot sales plan


TORONTO – Ontario reportedly plans to open dozens of storefronts across the province to manage the sale and distribution of recreational marijuana after the federal government legalizes its recreational use.

Media reports citing industry and government sources say Ontario’s Liberal government will allow the sale of marijuana at 40 to 60 storefronts across the province to be operated by a government-owned entity and also allow online sales.

The sources say more storefronts would be added over time and would not be housed in existing Liquor Control Board of Ontario outlets, an idea that had previously been floated by Premier Kathleen Wynne.

The locations of the stores would be determined after municipalities are consulted.

The federal government plans to legalize the recreational use of marijuana by July 1, 2018 and leave it up to the provinces and territories to oversee distribution and sales.

Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi, Finance Minister Charles Sousa and Health Minister Eric Hoskins are scheduled to reveal the Ontario plan at a news conference Friday morning.


  1. BREAKING NEWS !!! Must be something happening in the liberal scandal court case in Sudbury. Right ??? No, while all the visiting journalists are in Sudbury for this scandalous court case, wynne’s liberals are making the “Big” announcement in Toronto. So what’s the big news ??? The liberals are, today, announcing the locations of the storefront locations for the recreational marijuana. Those journalists in Sudbury must be pretty upset. Missing out on this breaking news while sitting in a Holiday Express in Sudbury. Just a convenient announcement, you might say ?? No, folks, more of wynne’s liberals “smoke & mirrors” politics at work. wynne’s approval rating just went from 12 to 15 per cent. Seriously ???

    • This brainless wonder is utterly and totally out to lunch.
      We can’t wait to kick her to the curb and stop her mad, irresponsible spending sprees of billions of our hard earned tax dollars.
      When you triple gouge like they do on beer and liquor, gasoline, etc. they don’t have a hope in hell of competing with the many pot growers out there who will undercut them by 20-30 percent. It was a ploy to for the Turd to get votes from the young and dumb people who did not know any better. This is going to change, drastically.

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