Ontario woman pledges to help lost pets from Hurricane

Brittany Bernatchez wants to help out the many pets left stranded from Hurricane Harvey in Texas

While Florida braces for a direct impact from Hurricane Irma, those in Texas are trying to get their lives back together after the devastation from Hurricane Harvey.

A group from Ontario is starting to organize to help out another problem out of all the chaos, lost and abandoned pets.

There have been over 30,000 people evacuated out of the millions who live in the area surrounding Houston. The sight of people camping out on the top of their rooftops is heartbreaking but what is more heartbreaking is the thousands of animals who can’t evacuate. Animals can’t speak English. They can’t read signs telling them where to seek shelter. They can’t unchain themselves or open their cages, submerged underwater.

Brittany Bernatchez from the Ottawa area tells SaultOnline.com `Many people are being taken care of thanks to the millions being donated through companies and relief foundations but there is not enough people and resources to help animals who can’t help themselves.`

Bernatchez says she organizing a group to help and seeking out donations and volunteers,  With a small team of animal lovers, we plan to drive to Houston, Texas where we will meet with our friends at Australian Shepherds Furever and Best Friends Animal Society. From there we bring as many animals as we can back to Canada to be introduced into their new homes.`

As someone who has traveled across oceans to provide relief where it’s needed, I’m taking it upon myself to do whatever I possibly can to get those animals to safety`

Those interested are encouraged to contact Bernatchez through Facebook  or call (613) 617-5708