Open House at the F.J. Davey Home

FJ Davey Home Open House
Kerri Tanner, Director of Nursing, Palma Gervasi, Director of Nursing, Fran Conley, Executive Director of Nursing and Barbara Harten, Executive Director and Administrator. Pictured out front at FJ Davey Home's Open House. Sept. 13, 2017

On Wednesday, Sept 13, 2017, an Open House was held at the FJ Davey Home.

The RNAO’s (Registered Nurses Association of Ontario) Freda Poirier spoke with SaultOnline about the Open House.

“The Davey Home applied for funding for the Open House through the ‘Champions Network’.” Poirier explained that front-line staff from the Davey Home have participated in a ‘Champions’ workshop.

One of the things that ‘Best Practice of Champions Network’ provides, is educational training for front-line staff in long-term care.

“The Davey Home will be undertaking the training again later this year.” said Poirier. “PSW’s (personal support workers), nurses, and other health care providers can take the training as long as nurses are present. It’s about implementing Best Practice guidelines in our respective work. Through our programme, a person can apply for funding for an Open House. Because they (Davey Home staff) have done the workshop, the funding was made possible for the Open House.”

Kerry Hamilton, Infection Control at The Davey Home, applied for the funding to host the Open House. Hamilton is a champion for best practices and has a lot to celebrate in her work. Infection control at The Davey Home is down by 64 % in three years.

“This is an opportunity for us to share good news about long-term care. It can be daunting when thinking about long-term care for families. This gives people an opportunity to come in and have an understanding of what long-term care looks like in Sault Ste. Marie. “We provide the tools and resources. The staff have embraced the need for intentional infection control. We have a fantastic team here.”

Hamilton stated, “Infection control starts with the hands. Don’t be afraid to ask nurses, health care aids, PSW’s if they’ve washed their hands. Ask a doctor. Don’t be afraid to take control of your personal infection control.”

Fran Conley, FJ Davey Home’s Executive Director of Nursing said, “This is our opportunity to give people insight into what happens at a long-term care home. We have regulations and guidelines that we follow under the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care Homes Act. It’s important that people know this and can feel comfortable asking lots of questions about where a family member may be moving to. Education is very important.”

The Open House was held from 3 – 6 pm. Check out the Photo Gallery for some of the highlights of the event.