Simply Amazing!

Two of the racers take on the Alpaca challenge.

Sault Ste. Marie was front row and centre in the Tuesday September 5th episode of the Amazing Race that featured Bellevue Park, Mocking Bird Hill Farm, Agawa Canyon and the Mill Market as the four teams faced their challenges including running Alpaca’s through an obstacle course, fly fishing and having cockroaches placed on their head.

Tim Murphy surprised everyone watching when he showed up as the conductor on the Agawa Canyon Tour Train. Murphy left, Jarrett Right

The episode was actually filmed in May of this year under top secret, even the local crew selected  to work on the show didn’t know it was the Amazing Race they were working on .  Laurie Jarrett was hired as a production assistant on the show. “When I arrived for work on what we thought was called Endurance we quickly learned it was for The Amazing Race . The excitement in the room was awesome ! It felt great to be part of a show that is Worldwide” Jarrett said Wednesday morning.

The show featured many local people on-air including well known actor / director Tim Murphy who played the train conductor for one of the challenges in which the racers had to identify paintings from the group of 7. Tyler Dunn, a local fisherman was hired to teach the racers how to fly fish. “I offer a variety of fly fishing and spin fishing trips throughout the Algoma area which includes boat, canoe, kayak and wading trips. These trips range from steel head and salmon to bass, pike, musky and walleye fishing.” Dunn told ”  I was a extremely surprised about it at first but it was exciting and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity” Dunn has worked on other tv shows in the past,  “I’ve had the opportunity to work with a few production companies over the years. The last show on national TV that I was on was an episode of The New Fly Fisher.”  Dunn had the job of teaching the racers the art of fly-fishing. ” Each person is different, some catch on easy and others it takes some time. The racers caught on much quicker than I was expecting and both teams passed the challenge.” Dunn said

Jarrett with Batchawanar First Nation Chief, Dean Sayers

Jarrett worked on the shoot for the entire day of filming and one of her jobs was to handle the Alpaca’s that were featured for one of the challenges.

“It was a long day , but very enjoyable . Working with 12 Male alpacas was interesting to say the least , I had to prepare them for the obstacle course and that was quite the challenge . They knelled  every time when I would try to bring them over the water , or the bridge like they did on the show .” Jarrett said.

The Alpaca’s were the stars of the show filmed at Mocking Bird Hill Farm

“What surprised me about The Amazing Race was all the behind the scene activity . The best part of being involved with the production was meeting the amazing crew and cast, They were absolutely a joy to work with , and of course working with the Alpacas !

Batchawana First Nation Chief Dean Sayers stood with tv host, Jon Montgomery as the teams made a mad dash to the finish line at Topsail Island.

Tourism Sault Ste. Marie who was instrumental in bringing the production of the show to the Sault also held a community screening party at the Machine Shop Tuesday night. About 400 people attended and were able take part in some of the challenges the racers faced including having live cockroaches poured over your head while their partner counted them.

Sault Ste. Marie episode was the second last episode of the season, the remaining three teams head to Quebec City next week for the season finale on CTV.

Photos courtesy of Laurie Jarrett