The Search Begins..


The search for a new sponsor and name of the city’s largest building in on.  City council gave the green light for city staff to start the naming rights process for the Sault’s sports and entertainment centre currently known as Essar Centre.

There was no mention from council as to whether to have “Memorial Gardens” as part of the new name or if any conditions would be attached to the name.

Mayor Christian Provenzano has stated in the past that the name of the facility should resort back to Memorial Gardens.

The current naming rights deal expires in July 2018. Essar Steel (now Algoma) purchased the rights in cash ten years ago for $1.5 million.

Revenues from the naming rights supports the operating budget of the facility.


  1. The naming rights expired the day they stopped paying their taxes and went into default.

    I believe it is currently 30+ million, plus all of the other collateral damage and bankrupting of other contractors and companies that they caused.

    The steel mill is no closer to having a buyer than they were in the beginning of this nightmare. No one is even talking about it any more, have they given up? We know this cannot go on forever, or can it?
    The lenders are raking in a fortune every month and I’m sure they are quite content to let this continue.

    There is one name and one name only that we will accept on our local arena and that would be The Memorial Gardens. It never should have been let go to start with, this was thanks to Debbie Amaroso.

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