Wage hike supports coming for farmers: Wynne


Ontario is promising help for small business and farmers as the province transitions to a $15 minimum wage

Premier Kathleen Wynne says she has tasked the minister for small business to work with the agriculture sector to ensure supports are put in place.

Wynne made the comments today at the International Plowing Match in Walton, Ont., where many in the farming community are concerned about the government’s plan.

Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown, who was also at the plowing match, says farmers tell him they’re not ready for the wage hike.

Brown says the province should lengthen the transition period to ensure that small business and farmers have time to adapt.

The Liberal government has said the increase would be phased in gradually and would rise with inflation, as scheduled, from $11.40 currently to $11.60 in October, to $14 an hour on Jan. 1, 2018 and $15 the following year.