World needs food from somewhere: MacAulay


OTTAWA – Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay is reassuring Canadian farmers the Liberal government knows the importance of securing market access as it renegotiates the New North American Free Trade Agreement.

MacAulay is sitting down with representatives from the agricultural industry — including wine, dairy, pork and beef — today during the third round of talks with the U.S. and Mexico to replace the 23-year-old trade deal.

The minister says the Liberal government is committed to boosting food exports to $75 billion by 2025, meaning everyone will have to work hard to make sure they stay on the cutting edge and produce what the world needs.

He says the world needs to get its food somewhere and that he wants to see a lot of it come from Canada.

Some of the thornier issues expected to come up in the NAFTA talks involve the Canadian agricultural industry, especially since the U.S. wants greater access for its dairy products.

On Sunday, Canada’s chief negotiator said he did not expect to see any details from the U.S. on its desire to end the supply management system for dairy and poultry this time around.