Battery Up! Grandview Public School Recycling Challenge Is On

Connor Lapierre; Melissa Cadreau-Flamand; Seth Miller and William 'Jack' MacDonald. Mr. Gioia's class at Grandview Public School are leading the charge for the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge.

Algoma District School Board’s Grandview Public  School is off to the races with the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge. This is the second year that Grandview’s school community has participated in the challenge.

The Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge (OSBRC) is a competition open to 125 elementary and secondary schools in the province of Ontario that register to participate.

Last year, Grandview School placed 4th in the challenge. Now that is extraordinary! This year, they are hoping to place higher on the leaderboard. The challenge begins October 16th, 2017 (Waste Reduction Week) and runs until April 20th, 2018 (Friday before Earth Day).

OSBRC schools have taken a pledge to recycle as many single-use batteries as they consume each year. The goal is to recycle an average of 1.36 kilograms for every student and staff enrolled at each school. 1.36 kilograms is what the average Canadian household accumulates in one year. Wow.

Grandview School Principal Steve Bodnar, Teacher Frank Gioia with students Connor Lapierre, Melissa Cadreau-Flamand, Seth Miller and Jack MacDonald roll out a barrel full of recycled batteries. Grandview School is collecting batteries October – April,2018.

Schools that register with OSBRC receive a 5-gallon pail that holds 23 kilograms, and a 45-gallon steel drum for consolidation.

Scores are calculated based on the average kilogram collected per student enrolled at the school.  A school with 20 students collecting 20 kilograms would receive the same score as a school of 200 students collecting 200 kilograms.

Each school’s collections will be converted into a points score and the top 10 schools in the province will be showcased on a provincial leaderboard.

An incentive of .40 cents per kilogram from all the alkaline batteries collected from the Challenge will award the top three schools in the province with a share of the provincial prize pool based on the percentages outlined below. There is a minimum prize pool of $2000.

10% of the prize pool will be donated to the SickKids Foundation in Toronto, Ontario, on behalf of everyone participating in the OSBRC. Since 1875, the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) has been providing world-class patient care and research to improve the health and wellbeing of children in Ontario and those living around the world.

Saultonline dropped by Grandview School and spoke with teacher, Frank Gioia and students Connor Lapierre, Melissa Cadreau-Flamand, Seth Miller and William ‘Jack’ MacDonald. Mr. Gioia’s class is taking the lead on the battery recycling challenge for the school. Melissa Cadreau-Flamand said “I hope we can win this year. We need everyone to bring their batteries in to the school – It’s better for the environment to recycle batteries.”

Grandview School is located on Denwood Drive in the Sault’s east end. Sault citizens can drop off batteries there. As the OSBRC continues to power along, Saultonline will share updates. Way to go kids!

Batteries can be dropped off at the school or at Rona or either Lyons stores

To follow Grandview School’s progress – go here

Contest ends April 22, 2018.