Can You Help Ryan On His Road To Remission?


On September 11th, 2017 Ryan began his Second month of a very harsh chemotherapy treatment. Unfortunately the first round of chemotherapy that Ryan did last month did not settle him into remission.

Doctor’s plan for Ryan is to get him into remission this time, while he still has 6% blast(leukemia) cells in his bone marrow. He’ll receive a 3 type chemotherapy treatment for 5 days then he has 5-6 weeks of recovery in the Health Sciences Centre in Sudbury.

A bone marrow biopsy will be done when recovery is complete to see if he achieved remission. Ryan will be getting in touch with Ottawa as the doctor wants him to receive a Stem Cell Transplant to make sure that Ryan has a normal life again and potentially be cured. This will take place in Ottawa. Thanks in advance for the donations as things can be and get costly since it requires all out of town care

. Please shares our son Ryan’s story, we appreciate the support very much. Thank from the Catling Family.

Follow this link and join Ryan on his Road to Remission and potentially a cure.


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