Christie’s RV issues Soup Kitchen Challenge


Ron Sims, the manager of the Community Soup Kitchen, sent out a challenge to
local businesses this month to help stock the James Street centre for this
upcoming winter. Christie’s RV has accepted this challenge and has dropped off
$500 worth of non-perishable canned food items.

“It’s the right thing to do” says sales manager Sam Bruni. “It’s our
responsibility as local businesses to assist when our community is in need. We
are hoping other businesses will take on this challenge and will help fill the
shelves of the Soup Kitchen for these upcoming winter months.”

Christie’s RV is extending this challenge to their fellow RV dealers in Sault
Ste. Marie; Johnson’s RV, Woody’s Wheels, Flint RV, and Martin’s Trailer &

Let’s all do our part and help out our community. Visit Christie’s RV Facebook
page to find out what other local businesses are being challenged to help our
local Soup Kitchen.