Imminent closure of Huron Central Rail will put hundreds of Sault, Algoma area jobs at risk

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New Democrats renew commitment to fund upgrades at Huron Central and save Northern jobs
QUEEN’S PARK—On Tuesday, Algoma- Manitoulin NDP MPP Michael Mantha renewed the NDP commitment to keep Huron Central Railway rolling in order to save jobs in the Sault and Algoma region and said the Wynne Liberals need to stand up and do the same quickly. Huron Central warns that they will have to cease short rail operations between Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury if funding isn’t secured this week from the Liberal government to upgrade and repair the line — putting thousands of good northern jobs at risk.

The Huron Central Railway rail line is critical for steelmaker Algoma to get its products to market.

“The Liberal government is forcing the Huron Central to cease operations, putting railway employees out of work and threatening thousands of steelworker jobs in the North,” said Mantha. “New Democrats will fight to prevent this from happening.”
The Huron Central Railway travels from Sault Ste. Marie to Sudbury, with 64 per cent of the its customer business originating in the Sault. Its biggest job is moving the Algoma plant’s products to market, although it also carries products from the Domtar paper mill and the EACOM saw mill. Without the railway, Algoma and other manufacturing jobs – and the economy of the region – will be in serious jeopardy.

Huron Central Railway executives warn that they will cease to operate the line if they do not receive funding for rail upgrades and repairs. First announced in May, New Democrats have committed to $4 million in each of five years to rehabilitate and maintain Huron Central’s infrastructure should they form government in 2018.
“While Wynne continues to let down northern families, the Conservatives haven’t even bothered to try to save Huron Central and the jobs that go with it. We’ve always known that Conservatives don’t invest in infrastructure, and their failure to commit to Huron Central proves we can expect more of the same from Patrick Brown.
Northern families can count on New Democrats to stand up for northern jobs—we will keep the Huron Central rolling and protect the jobs that go along with it.”


    This USA based outfit owns or leases 121 railroads around the world, I think they can damn well afford to maintain their own tracks without handouts from our government. Let the chips fall where they may if they don’t want to ante up for their own track maintenance.

  2. Let the market forces dictate whether something will work or not. Quitting adding to the deficit because the Liberals can’t say no and the NDP are too narrow-minded to understand market forces. If there isn’t a demand, then let the service/product dry up. If this service or product is so important to a business, let them fund it from the profits of providing the service or product. If not, get creative or shut it down. The gov’t has NO place in this equation, other than tax the begeezuz out of us, add to the national/provincial/municipal debt and buy votes

  3. When CP Rail operated the line, they spent very little to maintain the track. The Huron Central folks started up a shortline knowing full well the line was in poor shape. Time for the Province to work a deal with CP to takeover this line and bring it under the Ontario Northland system.

  4. What happened to the 30+ million dollars that the railway received a few years ago from the 3 levels of government to do the upgrades ??? Taxpayers have paid their share and then some. Seriously folks !!!!

  5. These handouts have to stop, sounds like a demand for cash or else. I say NO its time to force these companies to hold there own and open there books to prove where the money is going. Executives only want a christmas bonus

  6. Hellooooo Patrick Brown…. better get your butt in gear and start showing us that you can do something other than bad mouth the libs.
    The railways are a losing investment as far as passenger trains, but this one is critical in the movement of high priced loads from Algoma to get them to market.

  7. At some point in time you have to expect a business to stay in operation on it’s own without government handouts..If they can’t generate enough to pay for their own upgrades, let someone take it over that can… In the meantime, ship by water or road…..

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