It’s ‘pants-on-fire’ scary and it opens tomorrow


Farmer Bob and staff at Mockingbird Hill Farm have been working overtime in preparation for their Haunted Corn Maze which starts tomorrow evening.

“We’ve been workin’ 14-16 hour days,” said Farmer Bob Cuerrier.

He wants everyone to know that it will be open despite any weather predicaments.

“I think it just adds to the mystique. It makes it more ambient if there’s drizzle coming down.” So dress for anything and be prepared.

“Every year it has been growing as an attraction. I would guess that it is the largest Hallowe’en production in Northern Ontario.”

This event have been running over 15 years.

“This year it is ‘pants on fire’ scary,” says Farmer Bob.

Kresin Engineering has been constructing the complicated maze for the farm every year. “They are critical to the success of the maze. The irony is, is that they are using satellite equipment on a horse drawn farm. They have been a great sponsor and the main reason we are able to provide heritage, recreational values to the city.”

The biggest new addition is the addition of the three killer clowns. A talented bunch, they have played this act in Canada’s Wonderland.

It is suitable though for all ages with parental discretion.

The Haunted Maze is open tomorrow evening and the 28th from 6:30 pm ’til 11 pm.

Admission is $13 per person

And stay tuned to for an interview with Bob Cuerrier about his new book Canadian Bushwacker.


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