Letter: Liberal Disrespect For Middle Class

letter to the editor

The Liberal Party, both Federal and Ontario Provincial has shown it’s complete disrespect for the middle class. Their policies are nightmares, and are abusive to people across this country. Passing taxation laws that protect family fortunes while going after small businesses is insane.

While it may sound great to increase minimum wage to $15/hr, it again hurts small business, and jobs. Hydro rates in Ontario are higher than anywhere else in Canada, making the cost of doing business more costly, passing that expense onto middle class to cover the overhead. Not to mention that increases to Hydro One to the consumer at home takes even more money from families pockets, and seniors trying to remain living in their homes will not be able to afford the increases.

All this remember so that Justin Trudeau and his Finance Minister can save their family fortunes from taxation. The Liberals have given away billions of our hard earned money, to all kinds of unnecessary things, but now want the middle class to help economic growth by taxing them to death, and on everything to the point we are stagnate.

Northern Ontario for one, deserves better, we have higher expenses on most things because we are more remote. But what do the Liberals try to do to help, they try to outlaw fireplaces, and oil and gas heating for our homes, pushing more to use electric. You got it, taking even more expendable income from us again. Justin Trudeau recently cancelled the oil fields, killing thousands of jobs, and the results can be felt here at our steel and tube mills as well.

The Liberal legacy will have everyone out of work and stoned on pot. This disrespect of the middle class has got to stop. We need someone that knows what it’s like to get up and go to work everyday, not two fools that have lived all their lives off a trust fund. The sad reality will be seniors, sports programs, social needs, and health care needs, both physical and mental will be diminished and stopped. Without money to enjoy family time the middle class will be forced to stay home with no travel money, no money for new cars, unable to afford a night out to dinner, and sadly no money for heat in their homes.

Justin and Kathlene have shown their failed policies, they have shown us what they will continue to try and do, now it’s our turn. Show the Liberal disrespect it deserves, and stop the nightmare.

Lyle Bailey


  1. Mr Bailey….. Apples and Oranges….. While I can see your barely disguised hatred of Wynne, which I do by the way agree with, lumping her with the prime minister is simply stupid.. That is like pairing Harris and Harper, or Bob Ray and Horwath…. Different people with different problems to solve… Don’t let your political hatreds cloud your vision….

  2. I don’t know the political ramifications, but I believe its been repeated that Brown and the PCs don’t want to show their hand to these wynne liberals, just yet. It has been clearly evident, numerous times; that these libs have a habit of stealing other’s ideas. Just ask the Andrea Horwath and the NDP. Anyway, I tend to agree that taxpayers should know what a party’s platform is. But that day should come and come soon.
    What I’m really concerned with is the fact that some voters can be very gullible, and with this, wynne will continue to spend taxpayers money with a smoke & mirrors approach. And if this criminal-like strategy works, folks, this province will be in deep trouble for the next 4-5 decades, if not more. Seriously !!!

    • There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the liberal government has screwed up colossally and needs to go as soon as possible, but it’s a crying shame that there isn’t anyone really suitable to replace them. It’s the old “elect the best of the worst” scenario. A very sad situation.

  3. With Patrick Brown at the helm I see Wynne sneaking back in with a MINORITY victory. Sad to say but the Cons really need a strong leader who could do more than simply point out the wrong doing of the LIBERALS(WE ALL KNOW HOW ROTTEN THEY ARE). The Cons needed a leader that could express how his/her party would be different than the Liberal scoundrels…how they would try and right the ship. Mr. Brown spends too much time as a critic and not enough time on change….and how that might come about.

  4. Ontario’s Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk revealed this week that Kathleen Wynne’s government hid the cost of its “Fair Hydro Plan” from taxpayers.
    Although ratepayers will get a temporary, 25% break over four years on their hydro bills, the plan will cost “up to $4 billion more than necessary” in interest, Lysyk said.
    The Liberals also “improperly” moved $26 billion in hydro debt off their books, borrowing the money through Ontario Power Generation, and as a consequence hydro ratepayers will face increases for “30 YEARS”.
    Lysyk argued that was like claiming your credit card debt is an asset. Seriously ???
    Folks, you can not make this stuff up, like what these wynne liberals are doing to this province. Seriously !!!

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