Lone Liberal who supported Tory motion on taxes informed of his punishment


OTTAWA — The Liberals have told a backbench MP how he will be punished for the stand he took against his party by supporting an opposition motion calling on the Trudeau government to extend a consultation on its controversial tax proposals.

A staffer from Wayne Long’s New Brunswick riding office says the MP has been notified, but declined to share details of the penalty because the issue is an internal matter at this time.

Earlier this week, Long was the only Liberal to vote for a Conservative motion to extend to January the feedback period on proposed tax reforms that have attracted waves of criticism — including numerous complaints from Liberals.

Long has said he was prepared to pay a price for his decision to vote his own way on what was a so-called whipped vote by the Liberal party.

He has said he voted for the motion because he and his constituents wanted the consultation extended amid concerns the proposed changes will hurt small businesses.

The Trudeau government has insisted the proposals are designed to create a fairer tax system, while critics warn the plan will hurt entrepreneurs who take personal financial risks when they decide to open a business and have to save for retirement and prepare for economic downturns.

The Canadian Press