Looks Like Another Snowy Winter Is In The Cards

snow bank
From Last Winter: Kevin Grisdale tackles a huge snowbank, Sault Ste. Marie saw record amount of snow last year.

Granted, Winter is still a few months away, but if you pay attention to long range forecasts, then you already know what forecasters are predicting… A very snowy winter for Sault Ste. Marie.

Map courtesy AccuWeather.com

You know this prolonged “summer-like” weather we’ve been enjoying for most of the Fall? well, that could come back to haunt us in a few months. That’s because the Great Lakes are abnormally warm and will stay that way for some time. When they say the great lakes are warm, it’s relative to the air temperature. The Great Lakes tend to hold onto warmth generated over the Summer and into the Fall, even when the weather pattern changes to a northerly flow.

We’ve been well above seasonal for much of the Autumn, allowing us days in the low to mid 20’s for most of September and October. The warm days are coming to and end next week and right now, yes there is a chance we could see some flakes by mid week next week. Don’t worry, it won’t stick. Though temperatures are falling next week to where they should be, the long range forecast through to early January is still calling for slightly above seasonal temps, the problem is the waves of cooler air racing over the great lakes and in snowbelt areas such as Sault Ste. Marie that could mean one thing – lots of lake enhanced snow showers.

With that said, the heavier amounts of snow should hold off until after the Christmas Holidays. Though there is a very good chance we will see a white Christmas, it will only be about 5 to 10cm by that point.

Accuweather is predicting heavy snow for the area starting in Janaury and February – while temperatures stay at or slightly above normal. Temperatures will not be the problem this year, no major outbreak of frigid air is expected, though it’s likely we will experience some bouts of frigid arctic air, it’s the lake effect machine that will dictate our winter this year and that’s great news for outdoor activities like skiing and snowmobiling, not so good news as to where to put all the snow. Remember last year? we saw record amounts of snowfall that began late November and pretty much lasted into March. The same set up is expected this year.



  1. “but if you pay attention to long range forecasts”…..aaaaaand we dont. They cant even get next week’s forecast right let alone months from now.

    So, “Winter is coming, expect snow.” – Ok thanks we got it.

  2. I remain a skeptic of these long range forecasts. A slight change in the wind direction can dictate whether we get snow or not. Are the upcoming effects of EL NINO known yet? Did these same forecasters predict the sort of fall weather we are having now? This great weather we are now having is in a way shortening the winter already. Will we pay at the other end with another NO SHOW spring? and a coolish summer?

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