Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne moves to sue Opposition leader for defamation

Brown - Wynne

TORONTO — Ontario’s premier says she is taking another step toward a defamation lawsuit against the province’s Opposition leader.

Kathleen Wynne’s lawyer demanded in a letter last month that Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown retract comments suggesting the premier is personally on trial.

That letter came minutes before Wynne testified as a witness at a trial in Sudbury, Ont., involving two provincial Liberals facing Election Act bribery charges.

The day before, Brown had said to reporters that he hoped Wynne would give answers about the scandal “maybe when she stands trial” and went on to describe her as a “sitting premier, sitting in trial.”

Nearly six weeks later, Wynne’s lawyers followed up with another letter to Brown today saying it constitutes a notice of libel.

In today’s letter they warn Brown that he must preserve all relevant documents, because if Wynne proceeds with a lawsuit he will be required to disclose them all.

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  1. It seems the Conservative party is not interested in forming a government. I say that because for 2 consecutive campaigns they have selected a person to lead their party that leaves a lot to be desired. I am in no way a fan of the Liberals or Ms. Wynne…BUT..Mr. Brown did say she was on trial and that was not true. He should have done the right thing and apologized.
    Mr. Brown is quick to find all the Liberal faults…and there are many. Mr. Brown should realize that WE ALL KNOW how terrible the Liberals have been and how they have set this province back for decades to come.
    Mr. Brown needs to present some sort of program as to how his party will be different.

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