RCMP Serious Crimes Branch – Canada Wide Arrest Warrant


The RCMP Serious Crimes Branch in Southern Alberta is asking for the public’s assistance to locate a man wanted on numerous robbery charges in Alberta and Ontario.

In April 2017, an inter-provincial investigation between RCMP, Calgary Police, Windsor Police and Ontario Provincial Police led to the arrest of Dustin Ross Robinson, age 34, for a series of four pharmacy robberies in Alberta and an additional twelve robberies in Ontario.

In July, Robinson was granted bail and released on several conditions including to reside in Calgary. Robinson has since failed to appear in court and has not complied with the conditions imposed by the judge when granted bail. As a result, additional charges of failing to appear have been laid and a Canada Wide Warrant for the arrest of Dustin Ross Robinson has been issued on the charges originating in Alberta. Additional warrants for his arrest remain in effect in Ontario as well.

Robinson was last known to be in Calgary’s downtown core in the summer of 2017. Dustin Robinson is originally from Sarnia, Ontario and there is potential that he may have travelled east from Alberta.

Do not approach Robinson. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Robinson is asked to contact police when safe to do so. A tip-line has been set up for the public to provide information directly to the investigators in this case. Anyone in Alberta that has information can call 1-844-887-6287.

Anyone with information on Robinson’s whereabouts outside of Alberta should contact their local police service and report the sighting.