Ryan has a long road ahead of him


SaultOnline.com received the following story from Robert CatlingĀ 

We wake up each day and go through our everyday routines but on August 1st, those very routines were about to change dramatically. Late in the evening, our 24 year old son came home from work complaining about itching skin and a rash.

He and his girlfriend decided they should go to emergency to find out what was going on. After seeing the emergency doctor, it was suggested they go see a specialist at the cancer clinic. Ryan’s life was about change, and it was something no one is ever prepared for.

It was also the day his girlfriend would put her life on hold, giving up here first year of nursing at Sault college, as she chose to stay by her boyfriends side for the duration of his treatment, every second of the way. The Oncologist discussed his blood work, and sadly uttered the words no one ever wants to say, let alone hear. Ryan was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, also known as blood cancer. Ryan was then told he had one to three months to live, if not treated. Imagine being so young and hearing something so devastating.

Well, at that point Ryan picked up the phone and called home, telling his father about the diagnosis. The phone went quite while they both tried to adsorb what was going on, it was the most devastating news someone could ever tell his family. As a father, his job was to stay strong and tell the rest of the family, including his wife, one of the most sensitive people in the world, a mother that would do anything to protect her kids. Unfortunately this would be the one thing no parent could protect their kids from.

After breaking the news with all the family members, it was time to take action and beat this cancer. A few days later Ryan would go through a process of chemotherapy, blood transfusions and many types of medication. Imagine this for a moment, days earlier you were a healthy young man, in the prime of your life, talk about shock and disbelief. After a month, you are finally sent home until a bone marrow biopsy is performed and told of your results in a week or so.

Though the stress level was high when you were told you had cancer, well try sitting around wondering if you’re in remission. Sadly it wasn’t meant to be and Ryan was told he had to return to Sudbury for a heavier dose of chemotherapy, one that would see Ryan go through awful pain, headaches, loss of vision and not eat for days. It was difficult to witness but a friend said “if he wasn’t going through this type of suffering, chances were the chemotherapy wasn’t working.” Well our friend was correct, Ryan was informed his cancer was in remission on October 25. Prior to hearing he was in remission, the family had been informed he would need a stem cell transplant and doctors would begin the search for a match. Ryan’s fate would be in the hands of a donor, but who would it be? Well, on our last day in Sudbury, while driving home to Sault Ste. Marie the phone rang and it was Ryan’s 21 year old sister Jessica. She had some pretty amazing news to share, she informed her family that not only was she a match, but that she was his perfect match. Talk about a very emotional ride home, tears of joy filled the car.

So now on November 9th, Ryan’s road to cure begins in Ottawa, where he will spend up to 6 months. In Ottawa Ryan will receive another round of chemotherapy prior to receiving his sisters gift of life, stem cells and potentially a cure. It’s a long road, but one that will never be forgotten.

Ryan is seeking your continued support at help. Travel expenses and other costs have became overwhelming at this time.

Please find a link to a GoFundMe page which a close family friend started when he was diagnosed with Cancer…



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