Sault OPP Sergeant Wins Award


Staff Sergeant  Michael Maville SSM OPP received his award in Philadelphia yesterday from the IACP.  Chris Lewis was a guest speaker who will be here on November 2nd for his Leadership talk sponsored by AWIL.

The IACP’s 40 Under 40 Award was developed to recognize 40 law enforcement professionals under the age of 40 from around the world who demonstrate leadership and exemplify commitment to their profession.

The dedicated law enforcement professionals selected for IACP’s inaugural 40 Under 40 award are current and up-and-coming leaders. They are digital strategists, chiefs, assistant chiefs, special investigators, managers, commissioners, superintendents, and captains, and they represent all types of law enforcement agencies, including state, local, university, military, and federal.

These extraordinary leaders are driven by their commitment to the improvement of their agencies and the personnel they work with. Regardless of rank, these law enforcement professionals have dedicated their careers to raising the bar for their communities and for those who serve their communities.