Sault Ste. Marie submits Amazon bid


It’s official: The City of Sault Ste. Marie has joined the bid to land Amazon’s second headquarters. The City’s bid was submitted electronically today and couriered to Amazon for overnight delivery.

“I want to commend City Council for its ambition and the committee for its very good work in completing and submitting a compelling bid,” says Mayor Provenzano. “This bid demonstrates our strengths as a community and our commitment to working with companies of all sizes to develop, grow and succeed in Sault Ste. Marie.”

At its September 25 meeting, Council voted unanimously to submit a bid for Amazon’s second headquarters. Councillors Matthew Shoemaker and Ozzie Grandinetti tabled the motion that hopes to land the $5 billion project with as many as 50,000 jobs. A committee consisting of Councillors Shoemaker, Myers and Grandinetti spearheaded the City’s effort to submit the bid.

“If we don’t land Amazon’s headquarters, at least we can say that we made an honest effort to do so, and in the process, we may entice other businesses to take a second look at Sault Ste. Marie,” said Councillor Shoemaker on September 25. “I am proud of our community and the support we have received for this initiative. We have submitted an incredible package that highlights our strengths, is honest about our weaknesses, but that, through it all, promotes the Twin Saults as an ideal location for Amazon,” added Shoemaker today.


  1. In the private sector, secure bids are reviewed and tabled against each other and in conformance with the bid guidelines/specifications. Those bids that do not meet the basic requirement are not part of the review process. That is where the Sault bid will fall. It will not be tabled against the rest. And the Sault will get a black mark against it for future bids in the private sector…that is why minimum specifications are made public in advance. To assist BOTH parties in not wasting valuable time and resources.

  2. The guy who started Amazon was told selling items from a picture wouldn’t work..He was crazy…..and…………?

    Good job SSM for getting your feet wet and putting us on the map…

    • A friend of mine in Human Resources tells me they trash any resume that doesn’t meet the minimum qualifications to narrow the applicant pool. Do you think Amazon will review tens of thousands of applications or just the thousands that meet their criteria equally? When I was posted out west with the military it my cheapest ticket home to SSM was $800 ($450) just to Toronto. Does it make business sense for them to almost double a transportation cost for them? I just hope SSM didn’t blackball itself from getting a distribution centre which is very realistic in trying to win a lottery.

  3. I hope this grandiose dream didn’t cost us a bunch of our tax dollars and in the future that council will think twice before supporting anything similar knowing that Sault Ste. Marie does not even come close to having the requirements to make this type of thing happen.
    Come back to reality now, folks.

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