Trudeau does not appear impressed with Quebec’s attempt to clarify Bill 62


MONTREAL — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn’t appear too impressed with Quebec’s attempts to clear up the confusion surrounding its law on religious neutrality.

Last week, the province’s justice minister said Bill 62 would oblige people riding a bus or the subway to do so with their face uncovered for the entire journey.

On Tuesday, however, Stephanie Vallee backtracked, saying only those whose fare requires a card with photo ID will need to uncover their face before riding public transit — and that they can put the veil back on once they’ve been identified.

Asked specifically in Ottawa today about Vallee’s clarifications, Trudeau replied: “You call those clarifications?”

Trudeau said he will always stand up for individual rights and the federal Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

He repeated his view that a government should not be telling a woman what to wear or not wear.

The Canadian Press