10 Collisions in 20 Minutes


The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service would like to remind the public that winter driving conditions are now upon us.  This morning, officers received 10 calls for service regarding motor vehicle collisions within a 20 minute period.

Motorists are reminded to use caution and to give themselves extra time to get to their destinations.  Remember that road conditions can quickly change from clear to ice covered and visibility can be reduced at times.

It is important to clear snow and ice from your vehicle before driving and to keep a safe distance between yourself and other motor vehicles.  Everyone wants to safely arrive at their destinations, so remember to share the road and use extra caution in winter driving conditions.


  1. Drivers just do not slow down. and I am a fast driver, but during these conditions, it’s a no brainer. and they sit on your tail, so if you have to stop or slide, they don’t have room to re-act.

  2. It was wet snow at first here in Sudbury with a cold wind that picked up with more snow it froze up everything,our City salt trucks were out and pouring it on…..Slow down,Back off,use your signal lights,look out for pedestrians at intersections and STAY SAFE!

  3. Yank their licenses and send them to Canada’s worst driver school until they pass. This is why I put heavy checker plate bumpers on my truck.
    A lady ran into me and totaled her car, it cost me $6 for a can of Tremclad paint to touch up my bumper.

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