A look at the next three years of immigration to Canada, by the numbers


OTTAWA — The federal government has unveiled its plan for immigration to Canada over the next three years. There are four major streams: economic programs for skilled labour, provincial immigration programs and caregivers; family programs that allow people to sponsor spouses, children or their parents or grandparents; refugees and protected persons; and humanitarian, a stream that gives the minister flexibility for special programs.

Here’s a look at the plan, by the numbers:


310,000: Total immigration

177,500: Economic class

86,000: Family class

43,000: Refugees and protected persons

3,500: Humanitarian and other


330,000: Total immigration

191,600: Economic class

88,500: Family class

45,650: Refugees and protected persons

4,250: Humanitarian and other


340,000: Total immigration

195,800: Economic class

91,000: Family

48,700: Refugees and protected persons

4,500: Humanitarian and other

The Canadian Press