Another Shock at the Pumps


If you think drivers in the Sault are paying too much for gasoline, think again. Prices appear to be going up.

A pipeline fracture in the upper U.S. is being blamed for the spike at the pumps locally coupled with increase demand in the U.S.

McDougall Energy owned and operated stations rose prices from $1.19 to $1.25 Monday morning. Other stations locally have kept prices at $1.19 as of lunch hour Monday.

Prices shot up to about $1.35 in August following news of Hurricane Harvey in the gulf states and although prices dropped about 15 cents since then,  $1.19 was still considered on the high end compared to other other communities in Northern Ontario.

Gas hikes are expected to hit western Canada to Northern Ontario this week and possibly next week as well before heading back down a few cents says




  1. I thought it jumped yesterday. I was on fumes Monday morning and put $40 and the sign read $1.199. By noon it was at 125.9. I thought I was seeing things or I had had been gouged that morning. I checked my receipt but I also use a gas card, actually paid $1.179) Then I got a $1 rebate through Zweet for that purchase. So I paid $1.15/L when it was all said and done!

  2. McGouger fuels strikes again, to make sure they double up on their profit on millions of liters of already bought and stored fuel, but Soo Mich is always substantially less regardless of how much they want to gouge us here in Soo Ontario.

  3. What a crock. There should be no increase until the gas housed in the tanks is used up. The price of the fuel in the holding tanks is already established…just another excuse to hose us.

    • You got it Toyota! Any excuse at all will do nicely for them to gouge us to the limit and beyond. Such fine upstanding corporate citizens, NOT!!

  4. Price of oil goes up, gas goes up.
    Price of oil goes down, gas goes up.
    Oil executive wants a bigger boat, gas goes up.
    Oil executives mistress wants a new diamond necklace, gas goes up.
    Executives wife finds out about mistress, gas goes up.

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