Bomb squad searched law office, a car and suspect’s home after explosion


WINNIPEG — Members of a police bomb squad have testified about the aftermath of an explosion at a Winnipeg law office that cost one lawyer her right hand.

The officers told the trial of Guido Amsel about searches that were done in July 2015 after a bomb went off inside the office of Maria Mitousis and caused her severe injuries.

Const. Rommel Vianzon geared up in a bomb suit and went in after the blast to check for other explosives, and to see whether there were body parts such as fingers that could be recovered for surgery.

Const. Marc Leveque searched outside the office and inside a nearby car, where a potentially suspicious box turned out to contain pastries.

Amsel, who is 51, has pleaded not guilty to five counts of attempted murder.

Mitousis had represented Amsel’s wife in the couple’s divorce — undetonated bombs were found at Amsel’s former wife’s workplace and at a law firm that had represented Amsel.

The Canadian Press