UPDATE: Canadian Tire gives new parents one less thing to think about on the first drive home from the hospital


Every parent remembers driving their newborn home from the hospital for the first time. It’s nerve-wracking in the best weather, let alone in the winter months when inclement weather adds a layer of complexity.

In celebration of the launch of the all-new MotoMaster Winter Edge tire, Canadian Tire announced a partnership with Sault Area Hospital to gift winter tires to expectant families with babies due starting the first day of winter, December 21st, in the Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding area. Canadian Tire wanted to give new parents facing long and daunting winter drives the safest trip home possible for both them and their new precious cargo. Patients were chosen in chronological order based on their due dates until a maximum number of participants was reached.

Sault Area Hospital in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario is not only subject to harsh northern winters, it also serves families who can travel up to four hours to receive obstetrics care. For new parents, that means a physically and emotionally demanding journey home, setting an incredibly high standard for winter tires. MotoMaster Winter Edge tires, specifically Built for and Tested for Life in Canada, are designed for our winter driving needs, including carrying precious cargo like a newborn baby.

“Sending new families home for the first time is an emotional moment, even for us,” says Kierston Miron, Patient Care Manager at Sault Area Hospital. “There’s a lot of excitement as families pack up and head out our doors, but there’s anxiety too.

Equipped with new winter tires made for our harsh winter conditions means they have one less thing to worry about. A little peace of mind goes a long way.”

To develop the all-new MotoMaster Winter Edge tires to stand up to the harshest winter conditions, Canadian Tire selected and worked with 17 seasoned drivers with extensive experience driving in a range of difficult conditions, including dry, wet, ice, and off road. Building the tire from the ground up, the company had these drivers test multiple prototype tires for braking, accelerating, handling and emergency lane changes.

Based on their feedback, innovative technology was created and built into the MotoMaster Winter Edge tire, including multi-angle sipes for increased handling on icy turns, SnowGroove II Technology for increased grip on snow, and a unique saw-toothed centre rib for added stability and a quicker response. The final tires were then tested under the same conditions.

“We didn’t just find that the MotoMaster Winter Edge tires performed well,” says Jennifer Vanhuss, MotoMaster product tester. “They actually scored perfectly on every single test.”

“The MotoMaster Winter Edge was Built for Life in Canada,” adds Graham Jeffery, Vice President, Automotive Merchandising at Canadian Tire. “We’re proud to be a part of that first drive home, and to help those families focus on the exciting new chapter ahead of them.”


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