City User Fees Going Up January 1st


Expect to pay more for city rental facilities, bus fares  and other city services come January 1st.

Council passed a resolution Monday in an 8-3 vote.

Most of the city’s user fees will increase January 1st, 2018 with hopes for the city to recover most of the costs of providing services.The bump in user fees is expected to net the City close to $300,000 that will be applied to the City’s 2018 budget.

Sault Transit users will see the largest increase for a second time in the last two years. Single fares will go up 10 cents while monthly passes will increase by $1.

Building permits, Cemetery fees,  Bondar Pavilion rentals, sports field rentals, pool fees, engineering and lottery license fees will all increase come the New Year.

The fees are being increased following an in-depth third party review by completed by Hemson Consulting Inc. The fee increase will be more in line with what other communities charge.



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