College launches website to clear up “Union Misinformation”


Sault College issued the following release Monday in response to all the “misinformation from OPSEU” claims the college.

Ontario colleges launched a new website – – to provide information for the 12,000 faculty, who will be voting on the colleges’ offer, this week.

“College faculty are making a very important decision and still have many questions,” said Sonia Del Missier, Chair, Colleges’ Bargaining Team. “We know that faculty are looking for straight forward information that tells them exactly what is in the offer and what happens if the offer is accepted or if it is rejected.

“We are launching this site in response to the union’s continued misrepresentation of the offer being voted on by faculty. These union tactics are not fair to our faculty or the 500,000 students who are depending on the outcome of the vote. Faculty want to review objective information and make their decision based on facts,” continued Ms. Del Missier.

Answering Faculty Questions

Sonia Del Missier and Stephanie Ball, Vice Chair, Colleges’ Bargaining Team addressed thousands of faculty, students, and parents during an audio webcast this morning. The webcast recording has now been posted on along with a transcript from the call. The link has also been shared on college social media platforms.

The call dealt directly with faculty questions that have come from the picket lines, phone calls, emails and social media. The call addressed faculty questions on:
•             The colleges’ offer
•             The union’s claim that the colleges’ offer does not contain agreed to items
•             Salaries and benefits
•             Partial-load faculty gains
•             Returning to work and what happens to faculty wages
•             Bill 148 implementation
•             Academic Freedom
•             Staffing ratios
•             The Task Force on the future of Ontario colleges
•             The reason the faculty vote is being held
•             What an acceptance by the majority of faculty means
•             What a rejection by the majority of faculty means


  1. Do you think the PR firm representing the CEC is not playing the game? Trying to turn students against faculty seems like a decidedly underhanded move.

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