Colleges welcome passage of return to work legislation

Sault College

Government actions necessary to end the strike

Toronto – November 19, 2017: Ontario colleges welcomed today’s passage of Bill 178 that has ended the college faculty strike and will let faculty and students return to class.

“The strike has been incredibly disruptive to students and we needed to end it,” said Sonia Del Missier, Chair, Colleges’ Bargaining Team. “The colleges will be working with all faculty to return quickly to the education and training of 500,000 students.”

The government’s actions were necessary to end the strike – all efforts at the bargaining table had been exhausted.

“We appreciate the efforts of all elected members who supported this legislation, and especially the leadership shown by Premier Wynne and Minister Matthews,” said Ms. Del Missier.


  1. right. Only a small sum of us do.

    Imagine you’re going to see a movie and ten minutes in, they turn it off for an hour. but then turn it back on at twice it’s speed in order to time it right for the next showing and they won’t refund you. That’s the plan in a nutshell and best explaination I’ve heard so far.

  2. ok so what was accomplished here? Because it will just happen again if nothing has been changed or fixed. People are protesting because there is a problem within their employment.

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