Daylight saving time comes to an end this weekend — amid renewed scrutiny


This is the weekend most Canadians will gain an hour of sleep as they switch from daylight saving time to standard time.

In most parts of the country, clocks should be turned back one hour by 2 a.m. Sunday.

The time change doesn’t apply to Saskatchewan, which remains on central standard time year−round.

Other parts of Canada that keep to standard time include northeastern British Columbia, the East Kootenay region of southeastern B.C., three communities in northwestern Ontario, the eastern tip of Quebec and Southampton Island in Nunavut.

But there are rumblings across the continent that people are growing weary of moving their clocks ahead one hour in the spring — losing an hour of sleep — and then turning them back in the fall.

The Alberta government looked into scrapping daylight saving time before rejecting the idea last week, and there are similar proposals taking root in New England, where there are several anti−DST bills at various stages.

The Canadian Press


  1. I don’t think they should get rid of it, if anything, they should just keep DST year around… If we got rid of DST that would mean the sun would rise around 5am in the summer with no DST… I can hardly sleep as it is with black out curtains, that would screw many peoples biological clocks up even more than just having to switch twice a year… But as I said keeping DST year around, would provide the best solution, with no longer having to switch back and forward, and having the sun still rise at a reasonable time.

  2. This dumb time change should have been abolished 40 years ago, it’s stupid, useless and does nothing but screw up people’s biological clocks twice every year.
    Whoever it is that can make this happen needs to get off their ass and do so, immediately.

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