Eric Mearow’s release for manslaughter of Wesley Hallam pushed back


One of the three men convicted of manslaughter in the death of Wesley Hallam appeared via, video conference, then in person in the Sault Ste. Marie courthouse today to talk about his release, which was scheduled for November 28.

Upon the understanding that he didn’t have an address to reside upon his release and the various risks factors, like the witness’s fear, his substance abuse in jail and 75-100 offenses in jail pushed the matter to a video conference hearing scheduled for December 5.

Mearow was very adamant when he appeared in person in court today just before noon.

“I do not wish a bail hearing period… my release date in tomorrow… I booked a room… cops went there today and I am no longer welcome there,” were some of his comments said in a very angry manner.

David Manuel acted as his counsel today.

What could have been dealt with in a brief hearing was strung out over the course of this morning and the reason was to find a contact for the address that Mearow would be staying at upon his release.

Crown counsel Julie Lefebvre was not present at the hearing and had someone appointed to the matter.

Mearow was brought into the court at 11:40 in hand-cuffs with his head shaved except for a braided pony-tail.

“I did not have clear instruction from Mr. Mearow,” said David Manuel when asked by the Justice of the Peace as to why he was not being released.

Photo: Eric Mearow Facebook January 2016

Mearow was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 10 years in the death of Wesley Hallam, who’s body was found dismembered at the head and feet and his torso was dumped in a creek along Landslide Road.

He was remanded to custody today until the December 5 video hearing.

He was issued a no communication order with many people.

Another reason for hesitancy on release of Mearow is his shopping list of offenses including robbery and violent crime since 1999 as a youth.




  1. He deserves to stay in prison for the rest of his life seeing he took the rest of Wesley’s life .no one knows the pain he has caused ,like a mother who lost her Son ,to senseless death like this ,and I am one of those Mothers ,and I live with this pain every day of my life .

  2. Good! I hope the cops go to every place he tries to live and warn them, until he runs out of places in the Soo and has to go live elsewhere.
    I feel so sorry for the witnesses that went on the stand for the premil hearing, probably only agreeing to testify because they were 100% confident that none of these evil people would ever get out of prison for such a diabolical crime. Now here we are, one (Mitchell) is already out, and Mearow is about to be released as soon as he finds an address. Ugh.

  3. This lifetime mega loser should be banished from living within 500 miles of the city. He really should be doing 15 more years of hard time. The Canadian justice system fails us yet again.

  4. His plan when he got out was to stay in a hotel?? God help us all. Eventho he is getting out, it is clear from this well written article that he has no respect for the courts…or anyone. I think I understand now why his own sister thinks he is too dangerous and should be locked up for life – and she has said so publicly many times.

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