Federal marijuana legislation expected to clear House of Commons tonight


OTTAWA — The federal government is expected later tonight to come a step closer to its plans to legalize marijuana as its proposed cannabis legislation makes its way out of the House of Commons and moves to the Senate.

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould says the Commons vote on Bill C-45 marks an “important milestone” in the government’s plans to keep pot profits out of the hands of organized crime and marijuana out of the hands of kids.

She also says she looks forward to further debate in the Senate.

The federal NDP says it supports the government’s legislation, adding it was pleased to see amendments to the bill, including a decision to scrap a requirement that home-grown marijuana plants be less than 100 centimetres tall.

New Democrat health critic Don Davies says the original bill was also amended to require that legislation for cannabis edibles and concentrates be brought forward within a year.

Conservative health critic Marilyn Gladu says the Tories have been pushing for the Liberal government to reconsider its arbitrary timeline for implementing marijuana legalization, noting it would be more responsible to consider a July 2019 deadline instead of July 2018.

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  1. The Drug war was lost before it started!! One would think that a lesson could have been taken by the prohibition of alcohol and how that worked out!! You cannot police ones morality. Laws should be in place to protect a person against a person, animal, property etc. How in a “free society” can there be laws to protect me from myself?? I don’t need big brother “government” to tell me what I can or can’t do to my body it’s ridiculous. We live in such a bubble wrapped society it’s insulting. People actually think that government creates laws because they care about the public. They care so much that after decades of harassing the public, invading the privacy of the public through police investigations and incarcerating citizens for the very thing that they are going to legalize and are the only ones who are set up to make a profit off the legalization of marijuana. It’s pretty pathetic. Incarcerating people who have the disease of addiction is completely counterproductive. If all the money that is spent on investigation of drug crimes, court costs, incarceration costs relating to drug crimes was put towards education of said to youth, rehabilitation facilities society could possibly resolve this issue!!

  2. If used properly as a medication as it was intended to be used it’s not at all harmful. It’s when you smoke it till you start droolinglike an idiot is not how it’s intended to be used!
    There are two main drugs in marijuana. There is THC and CBD.
    THC can calm and relax people with seizures, Parkinson’s, insomnia and restless leg syndrome. It also creates the “munchies” there for helping people gain weight from different illnesses.
    The CBD is the pain management drug in marijuana. It helps people with chronic pain associated with arthritis and cancer and a substitute for people trying to kick an opioid addiction to help manage their pain!
    Our bodies are full of Cannabinoid receptors through out our bodies. They are in our brains, digestive tracks, and nervous systems.
    So if we have all these Cannabinoid receptors through our bodies then why is this PLANT so bad for us??
    Think about that!!

  3. Legalization isn’t going to make it any easier for teens to get into it. It’s everywhere already and not regulated. And if you think marijuana should be kept illegal then so should alcohol since it’s thousands of times more harmful.

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