Grinning toddler photobombs mom’s yoga video and goes viral


FREDERICTON — A Fredericton, N.B., toddler has gone international with a mischievous photobomb of a yoga video that his mother posted on social media.

Carly Gray was recording herself practising a headstand when her two-year-old son Jude decided to crawl into the picture.

The video shows his mother busy concentrating on her pose, while the toddler repeatedly crawls back and forth in front of the camera, pausing and looking straight into the lens.

He even gives a little grin.

“I heard him scurrying around,” Gray told Global News.

“For being two, his personality is very, very defined. We sat down and watched the video after and he just lost it. He was laughing watching it.”

She posted the video on her Facebook page, and also submitted it to the Love What Matters Facebook group, which boasts 7.5 million members, and posted it on Instagram as well.

The story has been picked up by Britain’s Daily Mail and Mirror web sites, as well as by ABC News in the United States.

“I did not expect it to blow up the way it did,” Gray said.

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