It Feels Like Spring But…


Sault Ste. Marie didn’t break any temperature records today, though you would think we did.

The warmest temperature recorded on this date happened in 1990 with 12.2c , we did come close as the mercury rose to 10.0 c Tuesday. A well defined cold front currently making its way over Lake Superior will kick off some light precipitation overnight into tomorrow with a temperature drop of 10c.

Just don’t get used to the mild weather, this is likely going to be the warmest day left in 2017 and we probably won’t see these warm temperatures again until late March or April.

The set up right now shows a cold front over Lake Superior, that will slide in tonight and drop our temps by 10 c

A zonal flow of the jet stream is locking the cold air to the north and allowing a warmer flow from the Pacific. The jet stream is key to what kind of weather we get. Next week, the Jet Stream will begin to get into its winter pattern and that’s when we will see our temperatures dip again and potential for “stay for the season snow”.

We can expect to see heavy snow make its way back into the forecast by the second week of December, until then, we cool down again and stay cool with the odd snow showers developing late next week.

In the short term we fall to seasonal or slightly above seasonal temperatures until mid December and then we will start to realize a true Canadian Winter – albeit somewhat late.

Normal temperatures for this time of year in Sault Ste. Marie sees daytime highs around 1.2c and overnight lows around -5.6c  The most snow on the ground for this date was in 1970 with a good coating of 20cm of snow. The greatest snowfall in a 24 hour period on this date occurred in 1946 when 10cm fell.


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