Letter : Attacking Religion Isn’t Your Job

letter to the editor

The Governor General Julie Payette recently gave a speech to the Canadian Science Policy Centre, in which she questions why anyone still believes in Creation or divine intervention.

I was not aware that this was one of the roles as Governor General, to denounce any faith practiced in Canada. I understand that she was talking to a science field, but her speech is offensive to anyone that holds their faith dear. Because you believe that there is no higher power, G.G Payette, does not mean that proof has been presented to prove Creationists are wrong.

Justin Trudeau has been quick to support the Governor Generals views, and stated that the Liberal Party of Canada has a deep rooting in science. Again, by talking down to anyone that practices a faith in Canada is just plain wrong. We are a nation that is founded on Christian values, we have openly accepted other faiths to practice here freely, and openly.

Our National Anthem has a request to our God to keep our land glorious and free. Representatives of the Queen and our Prime Minister should not be mocking or calling people of faith less intelligent than those that believe in science. If all the scientific minds of today, that are much more educated than those of the men that penned the Bible, can’t disprove one aspect of the Bible, I believe faith to be the smart choice. While it is fine if the Governor General wants to believe there is no God, or any higher power, she is entitled, but not to opine against believers across Canada.

I am angry that so new to her role as Gov. Gen. Julie Payette has managed to offend so many across this great country. Her apology hopefully is given before she pays tribute to all those men and women who went to war for God and Country, on November 11.

Lyle Bailey


  1. To Deschaun J

    Do you have to resort to name calling? Really !!! So infantile.

    Evolution is a theory just like molecular theory explaining how atoms and molecules work
    not how they got there!

    To Charles Darwin E

    Just a sample
    Google Wikipedia biblical archaeology!

    Enough !!!

  2. I like how everyone has an opinion, and can maturely state it, however, the article speaks to the role the Governor General plays or shouldn’t play, not what religion or theory is correct. Respect for all is very important, and the Gov. General should not in any way insult those of ANY faith.

  3. Anonymous…

    the science of evolution, Big Bang, and everything all is backed up by working with all other theory’s. It would be impossible to have so many complex working parts, working together just by chance.

    Your argument that science doesn’t prooooove where things come from is asinine. Science, which works with everything in the universe … except the bible…. does that sound like it makes sense?

  4. To Charles Darwin E

    Man said over 100 years that it would be impossible to fly ??

    Recent excavations over the last 30 years have revealed archaeological findings pointed by the bible that were initially scoffed at and were found to be true.

    Where did all this energy come from to form the Big Bang ?
    Matter and energy are interchangeable. Where did the matter come from?
    Like I said science proves how things work, not how they got there
    Evolution is a theory just like saying over 100 years ago of man’s impossiblity to fly ???

    The reason you don’t believe in God is because you refuse to acknowledge the truth!!

    • Please provide an example of one of those excavations you are talking about. Also i never said i dont believe or believe in god. I believe in the fact i dont know. Im not going to fully embrace some book some guy wrote to control the masses along time ago to be true. All im trying to say is you can believe in whatever you want but you cant ignore proven facts. Maybe some divine being did ignite the big bang maybe not, maybe its something we can even imagine but what I do know is that all the matter in the universe was all in the same spot 13 Billion years ago. Any belief that accepts that fact (because thats what it is, a fact) im ok with.

  5. “If all the scientific minds of today, that are much more educated than those of the men that penned the Bible, can’t disprove one aspect of the Bible, I believe faith to be the smart choice”
    Okay…. disprove evolution… we can see it right now in real time on galapagos islands. Read up on Darwin lol disprove that.

  6. To Foodforthought

    Well said concerning theory of evolution

    I also gave it a great deal of thought. Having a science background all things and laws governing our universe must have come from an unimaginable divine intelligence beyond our comprehension

  7. Too many unanswered question for me to believe in evolution. What started the big bang? How can you get that that much energy from nothing? And if it didn’t come out of nothing, then where did it come from? Where did life come from? How did it start? Why are there so many types of life? And why do they need to have symbiotic relationships with other forms of life to exist? Also , if it is possible to know how it happened, can’t scientists recreate the events in precise laboratory conditions.

    The single cell is by some called the simple cell, yet it is not so simple, it has been illustrated as a tiny city, bringing in raw food and using it incredibly efficiently and having a just as efficient waste disposal system. Seems pretty intricate to me.

    Also there are almost as many different theories regarding the evolution of life on the earth as there are religions. So if the greatest minds can’t agree how evolution progressed to the point it is today, why should I believe that evolution is a scientific fact. Another way to look at it is using the scientific method,in order to be established as a scientific fact it has to be observed, theories formed, experiments done, and the theories reevaluated then they need proof. And other scientists must be able to reproduce the outcome in order for it to be be considered fact. These steps have not been completed by scientists when it comes to any of the differing theories of evolution, or there would not be so many different ideas as to how everything developed over time.

    Our earth’s ecological systems are so intertwined that it requires all of the different types of complex life to work together right from the start in order to even exist. Like a complex watch all of the pieces need to be perfect and work seamlessly in order to keep the correct time, so the earth’s various ecosystems work seamlessly to ensure that the planet supports the life on it. And keeping with the watch as an example, if you interfere with the gears or the environment that they are in, for example with water or dirt etc, you can cause the watch to become inaccurate or even stop working altogether. The same seems to be true with the earth. When we add pollution to the air, water, and the land we are irritating the delicate precision of the ecosystems causing damage and slowing down the restoration of the natural world. The possibility of a complete breakdown of the environment is a now a real threat to all life on the planet, if we continue to pollute.

    If you believe in evolution talk to others who also believe in it, I think that you will be surprised by the vast differences between you and how your view punches holes in their views and their views punch holes in your views. And here is a brain teaser for you. If life evolved, and primitive man attributed what he did not understand to some sort of deity and that’s all, then how did Moses correctly order the appearance of life according to the fossil record?

    I am not promoting any religious belief over another nor am I saying that those who consider evolution to be correct are necessary completely wrong, for example mutations within a group like different breeds of dogs, or different types of the same type of tree do stand up to the scientific method. What I am saying is that just because I believe in Creation does not mean that I am unintelligent or brainwashed, but rather I have given it a great deal of thought, and I am not convinced that the evidence supports the evolution theory.

    • The beauty of evolution is that if something does effect the intricate working of the methaporical watch is that something else will take its place and a new beautiful intricate cohesion and the watch would not be telling the wrong time but simply a different time. That is the true understanding of evolution. No matter how bad climate change may get from pollution the earth will be just fine, it will still be here. But whatever may roam on its surface may be different. All the different life forms we know on this planet have evolved to survive the conditions on this planet and that is why it may seem to be some higher power that created this perfect society of lifeforms but in reality it was just random mutation of dna and time

    • Also scientists have recreated a small sample of the big bang using the LHC in switzerland. It speeds up particles to the same speed they would have been moving at the big bang and smash them together to see what comes out of the wreakage. Canada has also made roughly $50 Million in contributions towards this machine over the last 20 years. And as far as disproving the bible it has been done many times over as a bi-product of science. Not an intention. Microwave radiation has been found in every direction of the universe and has all been traced back to the same spot in the universe at roughly 13 billion years ago. These are proven facts, not beliefs.

  8. While I don’t have Poster Anon’s expertise, I will opine that the recent remarks of our new Governor General are a major head scratcher . Sure, she is entitled to her opinions, but does she understand her role of being the Queen’s representative in Canada, a royal liaise, this same Queen being the Supreme Governor of the Church of England? If her personal views are competing with her position of Governor General, or if *at very least* she lacks the diplomatic skills necessary to keep conflicting opinions to herself when speaking ex officium, then she should resign. Additionally, the Prime Minister should be having a private word with her on how she might behave more appropriately next time, instead of justifying her recent debacle.

  9. To AnonAtheist

    You said Catholics believe in Evolution instead of creation
    Really ???
    Ask the church
    Shows your ignorance!!!

    Who said I was Catholic??!
    You should research and think before you speak !!!!

  10. It may not have been her job to say it, but Im glad she did. Growing up I always thought religion was something silly old people believed in. “surely in these modern times nobody could be so foolish as to believe something like that.”. But the number of people my own age (mid 30s) who actually believe this crap astonishes me. Its a real testament to the kind of brainwashing these institutions are capable of. Let me be perfectly clear, if you believe in God, you’re wrong. Its a foolish fantasy and belittles the hard work of real people everywhere when you attribute their effort to divine intervention (oh thank god the cancer is cured? No, thank the doctor!)

    Grow up, there is no santa claus, no easter bunny, and no man in the sky. The sooner we as a society can all agree on that the better off we will all be. Stop holding back progress… Stop teaching your kids idiotic lies, and stop indoctrinating them when theyre too young to decide for themselves…

  11. There has to be a divine creationist IMHO.. How else would be have the complex human body that functions for years…even as we sleep? I doubt two specks of dust rubbed together would produce the body we have today. Of course we all have our opinions until there is proof positive. Faith is what many of us have. Ms Pyette is entitled to her opinion but it should not be part of her job description.

    • This comment is so ignorant. 2 specks of dust? Try millions of years of evolution. Look at the simplest single celled organisms that life evolved from, the history is all there to be studied, just bexause you xant be bothered to learn it doesnt mean it had to be God. Thats a lazy excuse. man invented religion to explain things in nature that he couldnt understand… Why is it raining? god is angry. We know that to be foolish now but it was “common sense” at one point in history. We learned the truth about those things, and changed our religions to exclude those things. Now, pretty much all thats left to the domain of divinity is life, death, and the origins of the universe itself. Big questions certainly, but why would you claim God did it when we have categorically eliminated that explanation every other time it has come up over the history of humankind.

  12. I agree with your letter

    2 Timothy 3:16-17
    “All scripture is given by inspiration of God”
    It’s not a question of smartest who wrote scripture but divine inspiration.

    God and science are not opposites. They work together.
    Science tries to explain how things work.
    The fact that Trudeau supported the GG views is mind boggling.

    How can Trudeau who I presume is Roman Catholic deny creation !

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