Major Ont. labour reform bill that includes minimum wage hike expected to pass


TORONTO — A bill that would bring major labour reforms, including a controversial minimum-wage hike, to Ontario is expected to pass a vote in the provincial legislature today.

The Liberal government’s legislation includes equal pay for part-time workers, increased vacation entitlements and expanded personal emergency leave, but the centrepiece is an increase in the minimum wage.

It is currently set to rise from $11.60 in October to $14 in January, and $15 in 2019.

Business groups and other critics of the government’s plan have said the increase is being pushed through too fast and will be difficult to absorb.

They have said that without significant relief from the province, the changes proposed in the bill would force employers to find creative ways to cut costs, such as hiring less and increasing automation.

The government has promised to slash small business taxes and give millions in incentives to ease the transition, but business groups and the opposition parties have said the relief package falls short.

The Canadian Press


  1. I can see it now !!!The liberals will win a minority mainly due to the fact that the Conservatives are not as yet offering a viable alternative. Mr. Brown spends most of his time telling us what we already know…THE LIBERALS ARE ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS. I think voters are more interested in how his party will make changes. The Liberals will do whatever it takes as witnessed by this idea of a huge min wage win votes…at ANY COST. We …the consuming public will pay the added costs of this wage hike which could have been introduced at a slower rate.

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