New Renal Equipment to Bring Increased Care to Local Patients


The Sault Area Hospital has launched the use of 30 new renal dialysis machines in the Algoma Regional Renal Program. These new pieces of equipment are currently at work providing life-sustaining treatment to local patients. The purchase of this new medical equipment continues to ensure that patients can receive the care they need in Sault Ste. Marie, on a regular basis and helps to replace equipment that was over 8 years old and used 364 days a year, multiple times a day. The new equipment reduces the chances of stoppage in treatment and also increases the insight caregivers have into the care their patients are receiving.

“Generous donations like this one helps make patient care better. This is important not only to the patients, but to us as caregivers. We are able to ensure each and every patient has an excellent experience and the outstanding care they need, right here in our community.” Dr. David Berry, Medical Director Medicine Program and Chief of Renal Medicine, Sault Area Hospital.

The purchase of this medical equipment was made possible by the generosity of a single donor. Moyra O’Pallie, a long time resident of Sault Ste. Marie, approached the Sault Area Hospital Foundation with the desire to make a difference in our community. Her donation covered the full cost of these essential pieces of equipment. Moyra made the donation from her heart. She witnessed her beloved husband, Ed O’Pallie, receive excellent care at our Hospital and wanted to honour him by thanking our local caregivers and supporting the care of future patients of Sault Area Hospital.

Donations to the Sault Area Hospital Foundation make possible the purchase of medical equipment needed for care. Community funding pays for hospital equipment, the tools our caregivers need to keep patients healthy. Community fundraising is a reality that every hospital in the province faces. Local dollars save local lives. The Sault Area Hospital Foundation must raise funds to purchase new equipment to advance care and replace old equipment. Donations of all sizes matter. Community support ensures that local families will receive the care they need and deserve close to home.

“On behalf of the Sault Area Hospital Foundation’s Board of Directors, Staff and the patients of our Hospital, I would like to thank Mrs. O’Pallie for her generous gift, which is not only a loving tribute to her husband, but also will ensure that present and future renal dialysis patients, will continue to have access to the necessary equipment for their ongoing care. We would also like to take the time to thank our local caregivers who take pride in delivering excellent healthcare and have worked together to implement the launch of this new medical equipment.” Elaine Pitcher, Chair, Sault Area Hospital Foundation Board of Directors.