Northern Ontario Party: Vic, The Game Is On


The Northern Ontario Party feels it is necessary to respond to Mr. Fedeli’s comments that he made on  Moose Fm on November 1, 2017. Mr. Fedeli argues that the Northern Ontario Party is attempting to sway voters with false facts. However,one would think,that a seasoned politician like Mr. Fedeli would be a little more careful with his words.

Trevor Holliday states that It’s interesting that Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli thinks the NOP is misleading Northerners with ‘False facts”.  As a result ,we are happy to explain these facts to you.

The Progressive Conservative leader, Patrick Brown states there are 139 items on their party platform and 10 of them dealt directly with Northern issues; these comments were published in the Sudbury Star on Saturday, October 28, 2017 ,

“ There are 139 resolutions to be voted upon by party members, with 10 dedicated to northern issues. This is the only region or group with special voting privileges in the policy convention.”

Furthermore, the Ontario PC’s website seems to collaborate this statement:

That’s why I strongly believe that northerners should have the final say on some of the major issues specific to the region,” said Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown.

On the other hand, Mr. Fedeli’s comments made during the Moose Fm interview appears to contradict the PC Party Leader; arguing that  all 139 PC resolutions are Northern Issues. This leaves the NOP wondering who is the one with the correct facts?

Mr. Holliday speaking on behalf of the Party states,

We can’t really tell who is telling the truth because the PCs haven’t released their platform/agenda to the public. Maybe none of this is truthful – who knows.

All we can do is comment on what they release. If they (the PCs) can’t agree on their stories, how can the public judge?

If this is an example of what we may face under a PC government it’s all the more reason to consider a party that speaks for you & only you…..By the way, …..Vic “GAME ON’


  1. I am not sure why Fedeli is even working with Brown. When Vic backed out of the PC leadership race in 2015 he supported Christine Elliot’s (anyone but Patrick Brown) campaign. Now Brown is dictating policy to Vic Fedeli lol !!! And Vic is screwing it up…. count your fingers it is only 10 points not 139 points. And these points are not well defined…. once again everybody in Northern Ontario should be very wary. We have been already fooled by Bob Rae, Mike Harris, Kathleen Wynne.

  2. wow mr negativity….and Ted Cameron, how would you know…you obviously like to vote for a party that cares little for the North or even help the north…bravo

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