Ontario moves to ban eye tattooing, implanting eye jewellery


TORONTO — The Ontario government says it will ban the practices of eyeball tattooing and implanting eye jewellery after health professionals urged action to prevent the dangerous procedures.

The government has amended a health care bill before the legislature — Bill 160 — to include a ban on eye tattooing and implantation of eye jewellery under the conjunctiva, unless performed by a member of a regulated health profession.

Medical professionals recently asked a legislative committee to take action to bar the practices as they continue to increase in popularity, saying it’s very difficult to engage in the procedures safely.

Eyeball tattooing involves injecting ink into the whites of the eyes.

The practice made headlines in September when a 24-year-old alternative model from Ottawa says she allowed someone to dye the white of her right eye purple and then developed major complications.

Catt Gallinger said she lost part of the vision in the swollen, misshapen eye and was facing the prospect of living with irreversible damage.

The Canadian Press


  1. This started as a body mod to beat all. What the people fail to disclose is that their eyes require drops and are light sensitive forever afterwards. The skin absorbs pigment(ink) and has room to hold it whereas the sclera only has so much room. When the injection is done it causes the sclera to raise and often stick out further than designed to causing serious light sensitivity. Definitely not worth the risk. This is an injection, not true tattooing. Often this is done by someone who really has no clue and is braver than they are smart.
    Banning it won’t stop it… if they can’t regulate home scratchers, how do they think they are going to have control over this…

  2. WTH…..I can’t stop wondering if this is real or a hoax….seriously are there really people this stupid.
    I’m going to go into the P___s & B__b enlargement business. That’s right just hang a sign and wait for the idiots to pop up…get it….bahahahaha
    Yup I’m going to use compressed air and the needle used for inflating basketballs…I’ll be rich in a week..🤣🤣🤣

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