Pauline’s Place; more need with the colder weather but lots of support


Pauline’s Place, a community shelter for youth and women in the Sault is seeing a rise in need for shelter with the colder weather coming but with the amount of supports they have in the community, they are managing well.

“In the winter-time there are a lot more people coming in,” says Anne Penney, the executive director.

“The community has been a big support.”

The 19-bed (12 for youth and 7 for women) facility also offers two family units which Penney says are rarely empty.

“In the last couple of weeks we have had more people than in the summertime”, she says.

She says with the price of rent and food, “you have a few kids that just can’t make it,” without their support.

“There is a big need in finding affordable housing.”

Community supports like the DSAB, John Howard Society, CMHA, APH, the Indian Friendship Centre and Aboriginal Housing “come in and we try to get them a place to live as fast as we can.”

The beds for women are usually full.

Youth, families or women in need of shelter can call Pauline’s Place at 705-759-4663 or drop in at 923 Queen Street East for an assessment.

“We don’t turn anyone away because we have so many supports,” says Penney.

They recently got a truckload of food from St. Mary’s College.

What they could use is small appliances and furniture if anyone is looking to donate.

They have a garage on-site where they house the donations of furniture and small appliances so that when they are able to situate someone or a family in safe, affordable housing, the items in the garage are a free service to help them get started.

Homelessness for Pauline’s Place is “a big challenge but the outcome (of safe, affordable housing) is worth it,” Penney says.