PCs release plan to bring change to Ontario a full six months before the election


ETOBICOKE – Today in a speech delivered at the Ontario PC Party’s policy convention, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown unveiled the Party’s platform, called the People’s Guarantee.

“The People’s Guarantee lays out our vision and our plan to bring change that works for Ontario,” said Brown. “At its core it’s very simple. It’s a recognition of the need for change that works for you:  the people, not the insiders.”

The People’s Guarantee is the product of the most exhaustive and inclusive policy development process in the history of the Ontario PC Party. The process began in March 2016, and culminated in over 130 policy resolutions that were voted on and supported by party membership to form the basis of the plan.

The platform is fully costed and the fiscal estimates have been reviewed and “deemed reasonable” by former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page from the non-partisan Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy at the University of Ottawa.

In his speech to Party members, Brown highlighted five achievable measures an Ontario PC government would take:

  • 22.5% lower income taxes for the middle class
  • A 75% refund of child care expenses
  • 12% more off your hydro bill
  • The largest mental health commitment in Canadian provincial history
  • The first-ever Trust, Integrity and Accountability Act

“In the end, platforms are just politicians’ words. The People’s Guarantee is different,” said Brown. “I’m signing my name to it, and so is every Ontario PC candidate. My promise to you is that if these measures are not enacted in the first mandate of an Ontario PC government, I will not seek a second.” Brown said.“The People’s Guarantee is an expression of our profound belief that Ontario is great because its people are great,” Brown concluded. “It recognizes that there’s nothing wrong with Ontario that can’t be fixed by a change in government. It’s time for change that works for Ontario.”

The People’s Guarantee was ratified by the Caucus and the Policy Committee of the Party as required by section 22.3 of the PC Party Constitution.


  1. Isn’t this the same party that screams about the debt and deficit after every Wynne budget? For a party of fiscal conservatives, it’s not very conservative. It’s just unfunded spending – the sort of thing that results in deficits and increased debt.

  2. ok but a few questions.

    22.5% lower income taxes for the middle class – what other taxes/fees will be raised to make up for this lost revenue?
    12% more off your hydro bill- How? is this another temporary discount that will have to be paid for later with even higher rates?
    The largest mental health commitment in Canadian provincial history – Seeing as under Mike Harris some of the most drastic cuts to mental health services occurred ( and not remedied by the Libs) just how are you going to go about with this, and again where is the money coming from as you are promising to lower taxes.

  3. FINALLY !!!!!. Now of course the big question……HOW WILL THE P.C.’S PAY FOR THIS ?How many job losses will be required to achieve their goal? It looks like a great program they have rolled out and gives everyone an option to those testy Liberals.

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