Rockin’ Vinyl Records and Collectibles turns 2


Rockin’ Steve from Rockin’ Vinyl Records and Collectibles, which just had its second birthday at the 352 Wellington Street West location, has been trying his best to get the word out about the store. He’s on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter every day, inviting people to come on down and see what he has to offer.

Steve has been in the business of collecting for over 50 years and he says “if you want it, we’ll try and get it for you.”

He has everything from jazz to rock to soundtracks to soft rock, country, blues, heavy metal, classical, comedy, musicals, etc.

“I’ve been collecting records since I was 8 years old,” he says. His first record: Cliff Richard.

Some memorable sales along the way have been the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers album and Pink Floyd, Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

The relatively new shoppe is open seven days a week and he is always happy to sit down for a chat and reminisce about older music.

He used to be open by appointment out of his home, which he ran since ’96. So the new store was a long time coming.

At one time he sold the famous Beatles Yesterday and Today album with the ‘butcher block’ cover which was one of the most graphic covers in the history of music.

But he’s got a treasure trove of collectibles at his Wellington Street location, anything from hockey jerseys to etched hockey mugs, to Hollywood pictures, artwork, stereo equipment, hockey historical pictures and even those little centers for the the 45s.

His traffic has mostly been online and people from out of town that see all the goodies he puts online every day. People shop from as far as France and Japan.

He remains with one of the largest inventories of records in Northern Ontario.


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