Sault Ste. Marie identified as a potential retail cannabis site


In April 2017, the federal government introduced legislation to legalize and regulate non-medicinal cannabis across Canada, and has asserted to have the legislation in force by July 2018. To ensure readiness for the federal government’s deadline of July 2018, the Ministry of Finance and the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) has begun identifying municipalities under consideration for initial stores. Municipalities will be identified in stages in order to support ongoing engagement with municipal staff and phase efforts to search for store sites. Earlier today, the City of Sault Ste. Marie was identified by the Ministry of Finance as a potential location as an initial cannabis retail site.

The Province is already in contact with City officials respecting the engagement process. The City of Sault Ste. Marie will work with the Government of Ontario and the LCBO to create a safe and sensible framework to govern the lawful use and retail distribution of non-medical cannabis as a carefully controlled substance within the province and in our community. Further information will be provided as updates become available. Visit for details.


  1. Personally, I would have hoped that a cannabis-production facility would have been located here. Unfortunately, the wrong people were in charge of that application and it fell apart like a house of cards. 100 good paying jobs would have been nice. Now, with this rush by the liberals to legalize marijuana, my biggest fear is who’s family member is going to be seriously hurt when someone, high on marijuana, is found behind the wheel of a vehicle in a very serious accident. I hope I’m wrong, but, seriously…………what’s the rush ??? The problem here is maybe that this is just simply politically motivated. Just maybe ???

    • With that line of thinking we should close the LCBO’s and
      beer stores in town as well. People seem think it will be a big pot smoking fest once this stuff is legal. I’m sure there will be some pretty strict rules with this stuff. Alcohol has been legal for many many years and there are still folks who drink and drive. It won’t be any different with legal weed. The responsible people will still be responsible. Most people that will use marijuana are probably already doing so. The only change is that it will be legal. Do you really think that they will all of a sudden decide that driving is okay under the influence?
      Right now I think the most dangerous people behind the wheel are the ones who still don’t get the distracted driving thing. Coffee drinking, cel phone ringing, headphone wearing, stuffing their face kinda peeps who have no regard for anyone else on the road.

    • Thank you for a logical insight to this conversation. I too will agree that the loss of job potential in this regard is tragic. IMO, the rush is in regards to more taxes. For a while now, Canadian dollars have been fueling the “black market” in other endeavors from the simple sale of Mary Jane. What I’m thinking the liberals have in mind is taking that money away from criminals and criminal foundations, and putting it in the hands of the Canadian gov’t. Political or not, end of day it goes to revenue, and has been overlooked as taxable income for a long time.

      As to your biggest fear however, I would have to question your view in this regard. Wouldn’t your biggest fear just be anyone in a serious accident? Be it a transport driver over his hours, a drunk driver who’s had a bit too much, or someone under the influence of narcotics, prescription or otherwise. This seems to be a big point for nay sayers in this regard is the “what if” factor. What if we tripped and fell down some stairs just getting out of bed? Does that mean we just lay there? Everything has a risk, and it is up to responsible individuals to determine that risk and act accordingly. When I go out to drink, if I get passed my point where I won’t drive, I surrender my keys to the bar tender and find alternate means. Whereas another person would jump in the car and crash into a pole.

      Honestly, I am more affraid of people using their phones WHILE driving, as I see that as a major factor in a good majority of accidents. That recent accident on GNR and wawanosh was caused by, suprise, a distracted driver.

    • Places like this are a sham and a huge money grab with their crazy fees, mandatory purchasing rules and mediocre product at ridiculous prices. They will definitely be gone shortly after this legalization thing kicks in although I highly doubt it will be next year.

  2. When I’d visit the needle exchange they’d ask me my drug of choice … I’d say marijuana … only once did a worker refuse to chart it .

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