Police issue statement about incident that delayed parade

sault police

At approximately 6:00 p.m. officers with the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service responded to a call for service in the downtown core regarding a male that was observed entering an apartment building with a rifle case.

Officers have spoken to this male and it was found that he is a properly licensed hunter who had just returned home from hunting.

There is not threat to public safety at this time.

Contact information:
Sault Ste. Marie Police Service, 580 Second Line East, Sault Ste. Marie ON P6B 4K1. (705) 949-6300 or [email protected]





  1. It wasn’t that long ago you would see the rifles on the gun rack in the back window of pick ups. We have become a society of chicken shits and wimps. We see a firearm now and automatically think terrorism or crazy guy gonna shoot up something. Please don’t forget that there are still madive numbers of us out there that love to hunt to provide food for our families and just enjoy the time spent in nature and with our friends. I have spent 100’s of hours down at the boardwalk this year fishing to provide for mine. Does this make me a stalker because people are down there walking?
    In the end as a member of society I would not have reacted as such but completely understand why those who did call police did so because of the way the world is turning. Safety first is always best. Hope the Parade was a big success and all had fun.

  2. It’s sad when people see a riffle and think a guns man. Tis the season of hunting.. I know my family has always taken part in small and big game hunt. People are so scared.. Its
    honestly sad to see how thr world is changing so fast in such a poor way. Sault Ste Marie, needs to clean up, this past year we read way to much.. More then years combined. I pray for a happier and healthy year for this city. 2018 😍

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