Small knives will be allowed on planes, but baby powder banned: Transport Canada


OTTAWA — Under new regulation changes effective later this month, airline passengers will be able to carry some small knives on most flights, but baby powder will be banned.

Transport Canada says knife blades up to six centimetres — about the size of a large paper clip — will be allowed on domestic and most international flights.

Blades of any length will continue to be banned on U.S. flights while razor blades and box cutters of any size will remain prohibited on all flights.

Another change will prohibit certain powders and granular material with a volume of 350 millilitres — the size of a soda can — or more.

Prohibited materials include items such as bath salts, sea salt, baby powder, foot powder, cooking powder and sand. Baby formula, protein powder, tea and coffee will still be permitted in any quantity.

Transport Canada says the adjustments — which are effective Nov. 27 — reflect changes in the security environment and are needed to harmonize with international standards.

“These changes to screening procedures will bring Canada in line with international standards and our partner countries, while continuing to keep passengers safe,” Transport Minister Marc Garneau said in a release.

The Canadian Press


  1. A sharp small blade can slash someone’s throat or cut an artery as well as a large one. They will live to regret this extremely dumb decision.
    I give it a week or two before there is a serious incident.

    • Emergency seatbelt extraction in case of crash or malfunction. To get into a bag with a broken zipper. To cut of a stray piece of thread form your clothing that’s bothering you. To open your brand new package of insulin test strips or candy if you have bad arthritis or other disabilities. To cut your food if plastic doesn’t work. To lift a stubborn pop can tab up if you don’t have finger nails. Just tossing things out there…….knives are very useful which is why we’ve been using them for 100 000 years. 🙂

    • I am sure the stewards on the plane would be more than helpful for most of these things. Not to mention most people would help someone who was struggling. Knives may be useful, but are not an essential item needed for air travel. Also, can I ask when the last time you flew was? You never get a whole can of pop on a plane 😂

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