The Empty Table. Table of Honour to Remember Fallen Comrades


Royal Canadian Legion Branch 25, Ladies Auxiliary, in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario hosts a luncheon after Remembrance Day Ceremonies on November 11th each year. Among the moving tributes that take place, is a ceremony that honours fallen soldiers called The Empty Table or Table of Honour.

In the video, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 25, 1st Vice President and Sgt at Arms Ernie Bremner offers a toast to fallen soldiers, November 11th, 2016.

The Empty Table. Royal Canadian Legion – Branch 25. November 11,2016

The Empty Table. Table of Honour and Remembrance.

·       Circular Table Is Placed in the Room.
This Table Is Circular to Emphasize the Unbroken Circle of the Family.

·       Empty Chair Is Put at the Table. 
This Represents Our Missing Comrade.

·        Clean White Place Mat, Plate, Bread Plate, Cloth Napkin, and Utensils Are Placed on the Table. 
This Setting Represents Our Wish That Our Fallen Veteran Could Be Present on this Occasion.

·       White Taper Candle Is Placed in a Candle Holder and Set on One Side of the Center of the Table. 
The Candle Represents the Light of Hope.

·       Long Stemmed Rose Is Put into a Vase and Placed on the Other Side of the Center of the Table Opposite the Candle. 
The Rose Represents the Families Who Love and Keep Faith with the Men and Women Who Served.

·       Red Ribbon Is Tied to the Vase. 
This Ribbon Symbolizes the Memory of Our Veteran.

·       Wine Glass Is Inverted and Placed Upside down to the Right of the Plate. 
This Shows the Fact That Our Comrade Will Not Be Able to Participate with Us on this Occasion

·       Lemon Wedge Is Placed on the Bread Plate.
It Represents the Bitter Loss of the Life of Our Comrade.

·       Salt Is Sprinkled over the Lemon on the Bread Plate.
The Salt Represents Our Tears.

·       Military Cap Is Placed on the Chair.
This Reminds Us That They Served Their Country.

source : East Toronto Branch 11, RCL

We Will Remember Them.


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