You Should Do This on November 11th

photo from Facebook

Branch 25 is pleased to announce that Wacky Wings will again team up with the Legion this Remembrance Day by giving to the Poppy Fund.

On November 11th when you attend both Wacky Wings locations, 15% of the days’ totals sales will be donated to the Branch 25 Poppy Fund which supports our Veterans, hospitals, and other worthwhile projects in Sault Ste. Marie.

Wacky Wings has supported the Poppy Campaign in previous years & are continuing their commitment this year. Branch 25 hopes the people of Sault Ste. Marie will stop by one of the two Wacky Wings locations on Saturday to show their support to a local business with strong ties to our city in their goal to give back to the Branch 25 Poppy Fund. Branch 25 would like to thank Wacky Wings for their support to the Poppy Campaign in 2017.


  1. If the prices were fair a lot more people would likely go there but they are badly overpriced, we go to Reggie’s or Redneck’s when we want some reasonably priced wings.

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