Your opinion is valued Second Line and Great Northern Road traffic study


The City of Sault Ste. Marie has initiated a traffic study to investigate alternatives to address traffic congestion in the area around Second Line and Great Northern Road intersection. A public information session is scheduled for November 30 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Russ Ramsay Board Room at the Civic Centre to hear comments and suggestions from residents. All are welcome to attend this session as City staff and Consultants will be available to discuss the project.

“A traffic operations review determined that the current traffic conditions including heavy congestion and delays in the vicinity of Second Line and Great Northern Road will continue to worsen in the future as more development occurs in the City,” says Carl Rumiel, Design and Construction Engineer with the City of Sault Ste. Marie. “It’s important for us to present potential solutions and offer an opportunity for the public to provide input and suggestions.”

The study is being undertaken to review potential solutions to improve the traffic operations of the Second Line and Great Northern Road intersection as well as improve the skewed intersection of Second Line and Old Garden River Road. Preceding any decisions recommending or accepting a preferred solution, the community will have the opportunity to review the study findings and provide feedback and comments.

If you would like to be included on the project mailing list, have any questions or wish to obtain more information on the project please contact Carl Rumiel at 705.759.5379 or email [email protected].


  1. The issue with second line GNR was for told when city WAS informed 6 lanes was required. However City decided NOT to spend the money for widening. Now here we are only a few years later and discussions to do what?
    Again we address another tax infrastructure which shouldn’t of been allowed to expand in the first place. When a downtown core remains under utilized, while costing taxpayers to maintain.

  2. There was never any future planning in this city!!
    There can never be any possible fix for second line and great northern road intersection without disrupting 4 businesses. Rerouting would be the logical choice! And as for third line and great northern road, an advance turn for all directions would alleviate one congestion There!!

  3. Make it a roundabout…everybody local will avoid it then😜

    Really though, there’s no room to grow and traffic is going to keep increasing. Only took Sudbury how long to finally start building their new controlled access bypass to alleviate traffic in New Sudbury…plan to grow.

  4. Like they listened to the public about Albert and Gore, ha. They are going through the motions as usual. They will pretend to listen to the few that go there and then do what they want.

    • 3rd line and GNR intersection is a bottleneck also – it was poorly designed with no thought to the future. Possibly extending Sackville all the way to 4th Line would be an option. They might also want to consider widening Black road to 3rd line and using that as a truck route. At least it would eliminate the through traffic heading to Wawa. ??? Just thoughts 🙂

    • Right on…they are way overdue. Go to any busy city and you will find them…moves twice as much traffic through every intersection. Can you imagine trying to train Soo drivers how to manage a double turning lane though ???

      • No doubt. Most people in this city can’t handle one turning lane let alone 2. The few merge lanes we have are a disaster in themselves. The fact that we live in a small city and can get from one end to the other in “rush hour” takes about 30 minutes. It’s not St Catherine’s to Mississauga lol

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